Otherworldly Antarctica

Ice, Rock, and Wind at the Polar Extreme

With stunning original photographs, the Antarctic scientist and explorer takes us to one of the most sublime, remote, and pristine regions on the planet.

The interior of Antarctica is an utterly pristine wilderness, a desolate landscape of ice, wind, and rock; a landscape so unfamiliar as to seem of another world. This place has been known to only a handful of early explorers and the few scientists fortunate enough to have worked there. Edmund Stump is one of the lucky few. Having climbed, photographed and studied more of the continent-spanning Transantarctic Mountains than any other person on Earth, this geologist, writer, and photographer is uniquely suited to share these alien sights.

With stories of Stump’s forty years of journeys and science, the book contains 130 original color photographs, complemented by watercolors and sketches by artist Marlene Hill Donnelly. Over three chapters - on the ice, the rock and the wind - we meet snowy paths first followed during Antarctica’s Heroic Age, climb the central spire of the Organ Pipe Peaks, peer into the crater of the volcanic Mount Erebus, and traverse Liv Glacier on snowmobile, while avoiding fatal falls into the blue interiors of hidden crevasses. Along the way, we see the beauty of granite, marble, and ice-cored moraines, meltwater ponds, lenticular clouds, icebergs, and glaciers. Many of Stump’s unique images are aerial shots taken from the planes and helicopters that brought him to the interior. More were shot from vantages gained by climbing the mountains he studied. Some were taken from the summits of peaks. Many are of places no one had set foot before - or has ever since. All seem both permanent and precarious.

A highly unique book from a highly unique world onyl few people will ever have a chance to visit. But luckily we have the chance to see and read it through Ed Stumps camera and words. A rare and highly recommendable book that should not be missed in any polar library!


Edmund Stump

Otherworldly Antarctica Ice, Rock, and Wind at the Polar Extreme

168 pages 

144 photos and illustrations 

USD 28,- / GBP 10,35 / EUR 20,87




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