East of the Himalaya

Alps of Tibet (von Tamotsu Nakamura)

East of the Himalaya

Alps of Tibet & Beyond. Mountain Peak Maps

Some convince themselves that veiled and unknown mountains are an experience of the past. But Tibet has an incredibly vast and complex topography that holds countless unclimbed summits. The peaks there are stunning and magnificent, and many of them will remain enigmas for generations.

During 25 years the avid mountain-explorer from Japan Tamotsu "Tom" Nakamura conducted 37 major expeditions to those areas for exploring, researching, documenting, mapping and photographing the far-flung and least-known borderlands. His recently published mountain monography is not only an opulent resource of geographic information for future expeditions. This book is the gateway to the greatest areas of unclimbed peaks on Earth.

The outstanding, epoch-making publication covers "terra incognita" and presents a full view of the Eastern Himalaya, the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau and the Hengduang Mountains including the sources of the great Asian rivers in three languages. Hundreds of high quality pictures and several dozens sketch maps make the book an exciting read and pleasure to study, to watch and to wonder.

Possibly not for the last few decades has such a cascade of new data for climbing been dropped into the lap of climbers. The author's new book is a jaw-dropping geographic compendium displaying much of his life's work spent exploring the ranges north and east of the Himalayan divide. The phantastic book is a stunning hommage to some of the world's finest, most adventurous and rarely visited mountains!

Only disadvantage: It is not a mass production and not available in huge numbers. So be quick to get your copy ...


East of the Himalaya

Alps of Tibet & Beyond. Mountain Peak Maps

The Japanese Alpine Club 110th Anniversary Publication

Tamotsu Nakamura


336 p.

english, japanese, chinese

51 pages maps

500+ color photographies

€ 129,00

ISBN 978-4-7795-0994-0


Order: ibd@kinokuniya.co.jp


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