Mapping Antarctica

Mapping Antarctica

A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery

Robert Clancy, John Manning, Henk Brolsma

Maps are always used to illustrate the books on the Antarctic. In "Mapping Antarctica" the focus is reversed with contemporary maps telling the story – one that should be attractive to the widest audience as it is a unique approach complimenting what has gone before and providing something different for all interested in Antarctica.

The fascinating book is about the discovery and exploration of Antarctica. All the (mostly very rare) maps represent the major events and allow an unusual appreciation of change over a relatively short period of time. As well as enabling the wider importance of Antarctica to be recognized, the book's timeframe also allows as assessment of the changes in cartography and the shift in sophistication. The book is a great read as it provides a comprehensive coverage of the story of Antarctica. It addresses a broad audience from modern cartographers as well as historic map collectors. It includes unique maps that historically trace the ideas, discovery and exploration of Antarctica.


Mapping Antarctica
A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery
Clancy Robert, Manning John, Brolsma Henk
1st edition 2014
328 pages
24,8 x 17,4 x 2,4 cm
163 illustrations
130 illustrations in color
€ 23,79 (A)
ISBN 978-94-007-4321-2


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